CU Rewards Kluang Sharing Event

CU Rewards Mid-Autumn Carnival x Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Malaysia
October 23, 2020

CU Johor Chamber Of Commerce Director, Mr. Jet Tay and the Principle of CU headquarters Business Institute, Mr. Kelvin Tan led their team to Kluang, Johor for a sharing event.

Both leaders explained the CU Rewards business model and CU licensee mechanism in detail to all participants in the event. At the same time, CU Rewards alliance merchants were invited to share their experience on stage.

A number of cars purchased through CU Rewards and obtained up to 100% consumption reward were displayed for the participants to view.

Many CU Rewards members and merchants in Johor responded warmly to the sharing event and participated in the event.

The CU Rewards team will continue to promote CU Rewards, and let more merchants and members from different regions can have a deeper understanding of CU Rewards.

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